Do you know Emergencies don’t wait for anything, they can happen to anyone at any time & sometimes, they can be more effective when it comes in the middle of the night or on holiday.

That’s why, EMERGENCY PLUMBERS SERVICES has become a more popular term but, it is very challenging & complex for those plumbers who are coming in an emergency but, lastly, they provide 100 percent satisfaction to their customers.

In this post, you will get a comprehensive guide for Emergency plumbers & plumbing services.

What is 24-hour Plumbing Service? 

Most of the plumbing services are worked during normal working hours where plumbers reach the operation points and fix the plumbing problem during a specific period. Normal plumbing services can start at 9 AM and will end at 5 PM.

But, when we talk about the middle of the night or after evening or during the holiday. Therefore, you have required a professional plumber who gives 100 percent solutions in a very short time so you have to go with Emergency plumbing services which are available 24X7 but mostly active for the rest of the working hours or holidays. Emergency plumber services are not normal plumbers, they are well-trained & certified and can resolve any kind of complicated plumbing issue in a very professional manner & in less time. As well as trying to ride from any kind of damage to your property.

Types of Emergency Plumbing Services & Effectiveness of Plumbing Services: 

For emergencies, there are mainly two types of plumbing services available namely Residential Emergency Plumbing Services & Commercial Emergency Plumbing Services.

  • When we talk about Commercial Plumbing Services, it is more proactive & efficient. This is a packaged service for commercial plumbing needs. It is based on emergency plumbing for commercial settings such as colleges, organizations, companies, buildings, schools, hospitals, and others.
  • Also, it works in a highly professional manner, and before starting to fix issues, it works on inspections such as checking the actual water outlets, drain lines, entire plumbing setups, and many more. They provide a proper strategy step by step such as inspections, cost, maintenance & repairs.

How Emergency Plumbing Services Deliver Highly Quality Works? 

As you know, Emergency plumbers work in very critical environments to provide 100 percent satisfaction with some characteristics such as:

  • They fill the installation process & fix any kind of functioning & appliances.
  • They provide an accurate installation & correct any drainage & piping system.
  • They follow the right compliance of the building regulations.  
  • They use the right material & reliable techniques.
  • They work on an inspection & testing basis.

Consequently, they established fair communication with their customer & provided the lowest estimate with proper explanation. Also, they assured the future maintenance responsibility.


If you are facing issues with water pouring, leaking, draining, and other plumbing-related issues, don’t waste your time & increase your water bills. You must avail of emergency plumbing service assistance.

What You Will Get Plumbing Services? 

  • Excellent customer service.
  • Quick response at just one call.
  • Secure installation, repair & maintenance.
  • Skilled & professional plumbing service.
  • Ready to deal with any kind of plumbing issue & many more under one roof.
plumbing repair cost

Plumbing Repair Cost Guide: What You Need To Know?

Nowadays, Plumber service has become a very popular industry because it is the actual need that can easily resolve or repair any plumbing thing related to your bathroom, kitchen, garden, or another area. It saves much more time & provides a professional touch. If you want to know the actual cost of Commercial & residential plumbing services. Here you will get comprehensive information about the accurate cost of Commercial Plumbing Services as well as residential too. You can also avail of Emergency Plumbing Services which offers a separate cost. Just, read the entire post and get the complete cost information about plumbing service.

What is the actual cost to Hire a Plumber? 

The cost of any plumber will depend on various factors and it considers the location or state. But, according to the Survey, the average cost is 270 Pound to 370 Pound where you can easily hire a plumber.

Also, plumbers can charge 35 Pound to 75 Pound for one hour of work.

When we talk about the commercial plumber, it completely depends on your state and some popular states. You can hire 270 Pound to 370 Pound  for the commercial plumbing service.

If you have small work and want to hire only for 30 minutes so you can pay 25 Pound  to 70 Pound  per person.

How much does it cost for Emergency Plumbing Services? 

As you understood, the actual cost of the plumber will depend on the state-wise. But, the Emergency plumbing service takes some high charges because it works on an immediate basis and the plumber will be available within 20 to 30 minutes at your office or home. As per the survey, the plumbers will take 70 Pound to 140 Pound for one hour. The total cost can be 300 Pound excluding the replacement of the part. 

For two hours Emergency plumbing repair costs can be around 70 Pound to 140 Pound. Also, the repair cost will depend on the plumbing material.

What types of Emergency Plumbing Repair? 

  • Fix a dripping faucet
  • Repair a stopped-up drain
  • Fix a broken pipe
  • Installation of a new bathroom
  • Replace the faucet & many more.  

Residential Plumbing Services as well as commercial are highly dependent because plumbers offer a professional touch. After visiting your home or office, the plumber will take a complete diagnosis of your faulty product and then, they will suggest the repair or replacement.

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Professional plumbers always start their work after diagnosing the actual problem. After providing analysis, they decide the actual cost of the repair or replacement.

  • When we talk about bathroom repair it will vary the material of the bathroom and space too. Generally, you need to pay approximately 300 Pound but, if you want to install a new bathroom then, you have to pay around 900 Pound.
  • Broken pipes are one of the major issues in Residential Plumbing Services where 30 Pound to 60 Pound  as a repair cost.
  • Similarly, you can easily fix faucet issues with the help of Emergency Plumbing Repair service where you need to pay approx. 400 Pound.
How to replace an outdoor faucet handle

How to Replace an Outdoor Faucet Handle?

A leaking faucet is a serious problem that can waste water and raise your water bill. If you have a leaking faucet, you should fix it as soon as possible. As you know, every drip or drop of water is valuable and According to the Environment Protection Agency report, we are wasting more than 3000 gallons of water per year only for the dripping. Also, it can impact your floor as well. The faucet is made of stainless steel & brass so dripping water can whora to the faucet washers that create the water-tight seals that help to prevent dripping. So, you must try to replace the washer of the faucet.

Thanks to the Emergency Plumber Services by FixHelpia which can immediately resolve the water dripping or leaking issue on an immediate basis.

Common Causes Of Damage To Outdoor Faucets:

Here are some most common causes of the outdoor Faucet:

Bad O-Ring: The cartridges of the valve help to control the flow of the water. Also, it happens due to the small disc, and when it doesn’t work so cartridges can lose or wear-out O-ring and you can face leaking issues on your outdoor faucet.

Worn-Out Washers: Due to the friction between two parts on the washer and wear out. It generates leaks in the faucet. If you are facing difficulties finding the bad O-ring or worn-out washers so you must connect the plumbing service near you for a better experience & time-saving.

Water Pressure: Due to the high pressure of the water, you may experience water leaking on the faucet.  

Loose Part: You must check every outer part of the faucet with the help of the screw because sometimes, a loose nut can create water leakage on the faucet so you must repair it after finding the loose part.

Broken or damaged Parts: The broken pipe or damaged fitting generates the water leaking issue on the faucet.

Wear and tear: Over time, the faucet washers and other components can wear out, leading to leaks and reduced water pressure.

Corrosion: Exposure to moisture and other elements can cause the faucet to corrode, leading to leaks and other issues.

Improper installation: If the faucet was not installed correctly, it can lead to leaks and other issues.

For better assistance, you may contact Plumbing Emergencies Services in London by FixHelpia and get a quick replacement or resolve any water leaking issue on the outdoor faucet.

How to Extend the Life Of Your Outdoor Faucet or how to replace an outside spigot handle ?

If you want to secure your outdoor faucet or replace an outside spigot handle, here are some precautions which must be followed regularly.

  • Try to connect a branded hosepipe to your outdoor faucet.
  • You must use a quality jointer to connect your faucet.
  • Always close or open your faucet anti lock or clockwise.
  • Don’t force yourself to close your faucet every time.
  • Try to add some lubricates to nuts for better performance.
  • Therefore, you can maintain your outdoor faucet and increase its life too. 

Explore Outdoor Faucet Replacement from FixHelpia Plumbing:

If you are facing an outdoor faucet leaking or dripping issue so you must avail of Emergency Plumbing Services nearby your home via FixHelpia Plumbing. Get a quick replacement and repair of your outdoor faucet with just one call. Also, you will get highly skilled & experienced plumbers that can easily resolve any type of complicated or critical out faucet issue in a very short time.


Replacing an outdoor faucet handle is a simple task that can be done with a few basic tools. However, if you are experiencing more serious issues with your outdoor faucet, it may be time to consider outdoor faucet replacement.

By following the tips in this blog, you can extend the life of your outdoor faucet and prevent water wastage, high water bills, and damage to your property. Remember to hire an approved plumber for any plumbing services you require, and report any leaks or other issues promptly to reduce the risk of further damage.


Green Plumbing Solution

Green plumbing solutions refer to sustainable practices and technologies used in the plumbing industry to conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and minimize the environmental impact of buildings. These solutions include:


1. Low-flow fixtures: Low-flow toilets, showerheads, and faucets use less water per flush or per minute of use compared to traditional fixtures, reducing water usage and saving money on water bills.

2. Recycling greywater: Greywater is wastewater from sinks, showers, and washing machines that is suitable for reuse in non-potable applications such as irrigation, flushing toilets, and laundry. Recycling greywater can reduce the demand for freshwater, save energy used to treat and distribute water, and reduce the amount of wastewater generated.

3. Energy-efficient heating: Energy-efficient boilers and water heaters use less energy to produce hot water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

4. Rainwater harvesting: Rainwater harvesting systems collect rainwater from rooftops and use it for non-potable applications, reducing the demand for fresh water and helping to conserve resources.

5. Sustainable materials: The use of sustainable materials, such as recycled PVC and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) plumbing products, helps to reduce the environmental impact of the plumbing industry and promotes a more sustainable future.


Green plumbing solutions are becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the impact of their daily activities on the environment and as cities and states adopt more stringent water conservation regulations. By adopting green plumbing solutions, building owners and developers can reduce their environmental footprint, save money on water and energy bills, and create healthier, more sustainable buildings for their occupants.


In conclusion, green plumbing solutions play a critical role in reducing the environmental impact of the built environment and promoting a sustainable future. Building owners, developers, and plumbers can take advantage of these solutions to conserve resources, reduce waste, and create healthier, more sustainable buildings.