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Why Is My Water Heater Leaking: Your Guide to Common Causes of a Busted Water Heater?

Water heater leaking is a major problem that might be very harmful & irritating. But, all the people want to know Why Is My Water Heater Leaking? Because it can damage unlimited things such as ceilings, walls, carpets, photos, and many more valuable things. Also, it increases the water bill so here are some top reasons for a water heater leaking. Just, follow the below-given common causes of Busted Water Heaters.

Also, if anyone facing Water Heater Leaking in their home so he/she must avail the Emergency boiler leak Services near your area.


Common Causes of a Busted Water Heater:

  • Water Heater Sediment Build-up:

If your water heater is giving noise like popping or knocking so it can be due to sediment build-up. Also, it comes due to the hard water. Then, it creates a layer in the inner cover under your water heater tank. It is one of the major issues where it can block the water through the burner and it generates overheating & deterioration under your tank.

If you are finding the same issue so you must avail the boiler services in your area on an immediate basis.


  • Air Pressure: 

The ideal boiler heater should not exceed 120 to 125 degrees but, due to the excess air pressure, it creates a high temperature.

This is recommended to keep your eye on your water heater temperature as well as you must see the valve of the pressure if you are finding high pressure in your water heater. Due to the high air pressure, the water heater generates leaking so you must replace the water heater valve so if you are facing some challenges or difficulties to replace it so you must avail of boiler repair and replacement service in your area.


  • Water Heater Corrosion and Rust: 

Rust & corrosion can affect or damage water heaters in various ways. If you found a corrosion connection on your water heater so you must replace pipes or value. If your heater is giving brown or rusty color so your water heater is suffering rust corrosion. The major reason is your water heater has made of steel so the overtime heating, it produces iron in the water. To get instantly rid of Water heater corrosion & rust issues, you should go with boiler repair and installation service.


Boiler Repair and Installation Service Near You:

If your water heater is not working properly so after sometimes, it can be harmful so you must try boiler repair near you or contact the plumbing team to resolve your water heater issue in a faster, more reliable, and more secure way. No one wants to increase water heater leaks or boiling problems. Also, there are lots of water heater problems that can’t resolve by Lehman. To get the best resolution, you must contact with Emergency boiler leak Services team near you or you call us at +44 8081 695180

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